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The cone is one of the most critical contributors to the sound of a modern driver. Overlooking certain aspects of a cone's performance, especially when stiffness is maximized without regard for good self-­damping, results in drivers that sound less than musical. Colorations created within the material of the cone cannot be eliminated by elaborate crossovers. Because the sound of the cone so directly dictates the sonic signature of the resulting loudspeaker design, we at Vienna Acou­stics have spent a great deal of time researching cone materials and applications.

After first making pre-selections through precise measurements, and then conducting extensive listening sessions, we determined the superiority of only a very few cone materials for bass-midrange drivers and basses: air-dried ribbed paper, XPP, XPP with spiderweb ribs (for bass), and honeycomb structures (for bass only). We've taken two of these materials to new heights at Vienna Acoustics, with our breakthrough spider cones.

For tweeters, clearly, there is still only one choice: hand-coated silk domes from the Scandinavian school of design. The aspect that makes them singular in their ability to fulfill their task in a high-end system is the precise measurement and application of the cone coating liquid, including the number of layers applied. When this hand-coating is executed flawlessly in agreement with the exact speaker specifications, these silk-domed tweeters reveal the slightest nuances of the sound and extend well down into the midrange. Further, ferrofluid in the magnetic gap represents an important sound tuning feature: Not using it, or even using it in different viscosities, results in interaction with the cone. If this harmony is sensitively developed, voices and instrument timbres are perfectly rendered. 

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