Music Through Technology  

Loudspeakers are the most crucial link in any music reproduction system, with the greatest impact on sound quality. The reason for this is simple: of all system components, the speaker has the most difficult job, namely to transform electrical energy into acoustical energy. The importance of speaker selection is compounded by the fact that speakers also exhibit the largest difference in sound performance from product to product. At Vienna Acoustics, we have always been fascinated and motivated by the dramatic sound improvements a quality speaker can provide. We are committed to creating speakers that bring you nearer to music, and we try to achieve that in every step of the speaker production process.

While music is the object that inspires us, attaining the sonic results present in all Vienna Acoustics loudspeakers is the result of painstaking technical research.

A loudspeaker consists of seemingly countless parts. Because every part in the loudspeaker has a discrete (mainly acoustical) task, each of these parts has a much bigger sound impact than those of an electronic component,  such as an amplifier or cd player. The quest for true fidelity requires innovative parts crafted through exacting precision mechanics, and furthermore demands precise control of each unit produced. What's more, different versions of the same part will exhibit their own unique sounds; for example, if the same cone material is used to produce two drivers of different shapes, each will have its own characteristic sound. Change even a little part in a loudspeaker and the whole sound is altered dramatically.

Development at Vienna Acoustics scrupulously evaluates and refines the impact of each part.

The links below will help you to understand the exceptional artistry and unsurpassed technology that go into each Vienna Acoustics product. But it's impossible to convey the quality of the Vienna Acoustics sound through mere technical specifications. Our computer-based measuring systems are able to assess and perfect countless parameters, but nothing can identify musical fidelity as your ears do. We invite you to listen to understand our commitment to the loudspeaker – and to your musical experience.

Designer´s Artwork

Founded in 1989, Vienna Acoustics has been hand crafting loudspeakers of distinction in Vienna, Austria for over twenty five years now. Today as in the early beginnings, Vienna Acoustics is characterized by founder and chief designer, Peter Gansterer.

A great loudspeaker is a synthesis of the arts. It's an organic whole, whose sound derives from the harmony of countless sound-determinating parameters in combination, mirroring the composition of the truly harmonic high-end system of which it is a vital component. Peter Gansterer understands this like no one else.

Peter is a passionate devotee of music and its reproduction who came of age in Vienna, Austria, where he studied acoustical engineering. Through his studies of the great concert halls of Vienna, Peter came to understand the dynamics of live music and, in a unique case of reverse engineering, develops loudspeaker designs that uncannily reproduce that experience.

Successfully combining the individual characteristics of a loudspeaker's many parts, the heart of design work, is a task of such complexity that it falls into the realm of an art: it´s like crafting, tuning, and balancing a fine musical instrument. Only a very few people are gifted with such a talent.

Over the years, Vienna Acoustics speakers have secured a commanding place in the world market.

Our motto is team spirit, but the complex art of design falls to one exceptionally talented man. 

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