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Stereo, multichannel, and home theater systems converge. No matter which system or format you prefer, one thing is sure: you need excellent loudspeakers.

Years ago, when we initiated fundamental research about home theater technology, we performed extensive tests and devoted many months to careful listening. The indisputable conclusion was that speakers for home theater really do need to adhere to exactly the same high-end criteria as speakers used exclusively for music. For us, this discovery was of major importance; we could not have accepted any kind of compromise in our music loudspeakers to adapt them for customers who might want to use them for both audio and video applications. Happily, not any compromise is necessary, and Vienna Acoustics speakers can magnificently serve in the dual role that makes them as practical as they are exceptional.

With this conclusion, home theater became a must for us: we personally, like so many people, are fascinated by the possibility of experiencing the thrill and emotional impact of a good movie not only at the cinema, but in our own living room. We want to dip into the magical world created by a film and sense its visual and acoustical fireworks, as well as its subtle details and ambiance. This experience is possible only if one can hear and feel the sound effects, voices, and music tracks in the way the director intended.

To make this happen, speakers must meet very high demands, and they must be created with the same commitment and sensible sound development as high-grade stereo speakers.

No matter how high the quality of an individual speaker may be, it is also extremely important that all speakers used in a multichannel system were developed together. This is a must in terms of both theory and simple practicality. When a new Vienna Acoustics speaker is created, its homogeneity in a home theater application is a dedicated development point. Great effort goes into achieving similarity in like timbre and dynamics, identical phase-shift, etc. Listening sessions are conducted to affirm cohesive match with all other Vienna Acoustics speakers existing. Only this painstaking care enables the speakers of a system to blend into each other and ensures that the sonic image is aligned, stable, and perfectly balanced.

Our development of speaker model to model coherence, and the consequent flexibility it affords, allows you to choose your Vienna Acoustics multichannel system easily, because all of our speakers are dedicated to home theater demands and can be combined in any multichannel application. Our speaker range offers a variety of applications, from a system with big floorstanding models in a household where music is the priority, to a less overt system in which our flat, compact beauties are combined with subwoofer use. The inherent compatibility not only enables you to add center and rear speakers to your existing Vienna Acoustics pair, it is also your guarantee of success if later you decide to expand your stereo system to a multichannel one (whether you're moving to five or even seven channels).

Speaking of the center channel, it's a perfect example for why the home theater speaker needs the full gamut of exceptional sound and technology qualities. As the heart of the system, the center channel plays a crucial role. Our ears are most attuned to catch every subtle nuance of a particularly expressive instrument: the human voice. The task for the center speaker in a home theater system would be sufficiently arduous if it were called upon solely to reproduce these nuances, to reveal the heart of theater. However, the center speaker must also be able to meet the potentially extreme, as well as subtle, dynamic demands of contributing to the overall presentation of music and sound-effects tracks. Further complica­ting this task are the locations normally available for placement of a center speaker, which usually require that the cabinet be compact and the tonal balance carefully tuned. All of these critical requirements must be met in every center speaker if the film is to live and breathe. The inclusion of a carefully chosen Vienna Acoustics center speaker in a home theater system will allow a film to come alive, find its voice, and speak from the heart to the heart.

At Vienna Acoustics, home theater inspired us to further technological innovation as we pondered how to integrate a number of speakers into a living room in a pleasing way. We ended up with beautiful speakers dedicated to near-wall application, which to our opinion are the first to reach true high-end performance without the least bit of compromise.

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