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Patented flat spidercone-Coaxial Technology

This patented flat spidercone technology is the latest revolutional step in our steady sound development and progress.

Being in all of our Reference speakers of the KLIMT Series, the design was now further enhanced to fit in our new LISZT model.

Creating a reference

It was a technology that Peter Gansterer had been thinking about and working on for a long time. It was years of Peter's work that produced a driver that used a revolutionary flat cone. It was that lightweight cone, with the best mass-stiffness ratio in the industry, that led to “THE MUSIC’s” truly remarkable sound.

This driver is created from a compound of several thermal plastic polymers as well as added glass fibers. This material composition offers both a considerable stiffness to mass ratio while also possessing the necessary self silencing necessary to ensure a lack of coloration in sound reproduction. That is, the cone material itself is virtually silent eliminating the need for notch type filters in the cross-over. The goal is to eliminate the problem of cone resonances before they begin. Added to the special material composition is the new flat design which further removes the sonic signature of the driver by eliminating the cone diffraction of the cone walls most often referred to as horn-loading. It is through the process of concentrating on both physical construction or forming and with special quiet materials that we are able to achieve this new level of performance that is free of the normal mechanical limitations as well as resonances present in most conventional midrange cone designs.

In addition to this entirely new flat midrange driver, we have installed a special, hand crafted silk dome tweeter in its middle or pole location. Doing so allows for a timing or phase correctness that cannot otherwise be achieved. Ultimately our final complete coincident driver pairing is capable of reproducing the entire human vocal range, and beyond, without any cross-over interference particularly within the most critical human vocal range. The end result is a system that takes on a presence which until now has only been available in compact monitors. A further advantage of this design is the mentioned timing or phase correctness of the overall combination. The complete assembly results in a dispersion characteristic that creates much more of a “sweet area” versus the typical “sweet spot” found in most designs. For this reason we prefer to describe this entire assembly as the Music Center.

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