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During the development of BEETHOVEN, we could not find a convincing bass driver on the market that met our demands. We identified the driver cone to be the weak link, so we designed our own, which is innovative in terms of both material and shape: the Vienna Acoustics "spider cone."

Not only developed in, but also produced near, Vienna, spider cones constitute a significant breakthrough in performance. Never before we have heard drivers of this size (7 inches) produce such prodigious bass response. Their unbelievable stiffness has been achieved by designing axial and radial reinfor­cement ribs that cover the cone like a spider web. The precise size, number, and location of these stiffening elements was derived through computerized Finite Element Analysis. Production by injection moulding demanded an expensive tool, but it pays: these cones move as a perfect piston, achieving the ultimate goal.

The same efforts went into finding the right composition material. Extensive testing revealed that a mixture of TPX* (for description please see page bottom) and a specially determined, smaller amount of polypropylene is ideal, giving the stiff cone high inner self-damping, while silencing secondary vibrations. The end result is a bass driver with a sound quality that is both richly detai­led and remarkably extended, even into the lowest bass ranges.


In most Vienna Acoustics models you'll find optically transparent cones made of a special mixture, which is very similar to the one just described. We named this new material XPP, and we believe it sets a milestone for naturalness in reproduction. It combines the precision and transparency of hard cones (such as stamped metal) with the smoothness and musicality of sof­ter materials. One of XPP's secrets is the right share of polypropylene (featuring very high inner damping among other advantages), which produces the optimum in stiffness and inner damping ratio. This is the basis for a driver that is dedicated to meet the challenges of a two-way system, which has to combine accurate, powerful bass with delicate and natural mid-range frequencies. When used with properly designed crossovers that feature a very gentle slope, these cones are capable of rendering music with great power and precision, yet also provide a very relaxed and enjoyable music experience.

*TPX features: High stiffness, combined with very high inner damping. Excellent resistance to heat (melting point 240 degrees Celsius), which is especially important for bass drivers, because at the voice coil neck (where the cone is fixed to the voice coil) high temperatures commonly arise. TPX also exhibits the lowest specific weight of all available thermoplastics.

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