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As the signal enters a loudspeaker, a critical juncture is reached. Normally, the signal goes through several connections, as well as through additional wiring to a remotely located crossover. This has the negative effect of decoupling the amplifier from the speaker, resulting in loss of clarity. At Vienna Acoustics, we have addressed this issue by designing proprietary terminal blocks that form a direct connection to the speaker terminals with no additional wiring. These connections are both mechani­cally and electrically hardcoupled. The elimination of transition resistance improves the trans­parency and microdynamics for a naturally effortless sound quality.

Having avoided this transition resistance, the next issue of concern is the means of connection between amplifier and speaker components. Our belief is that single wire input connection is superior to bi-wiring, due to the clear benefits of utilizing one central ground point. Our crossovers are configured as an organic whole, intended to optimize every aspect of sound impact. And, by the way, we also think that within a given budget, you are able to obtain much higher performance from a single run of superior cable than with two lesser runs of cable.

Our high-quality input terminals are designed to accept banana plugs, spade terminals, or bare wire connection. We use gold-silver plated terminals that do not oxidize.

Our listening sessions have indicated that the clarity of voices is especially improved if the crossover and its components are partly decoupled; we execute this now on every crossover by applying silicone underneath the pc-board.

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