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Mozart Infinity



Streamer-Amplification-Loudspeaker all unified in one state-of-the-art highend MusicSystem

Peter Gansterer’s most progressive and revolutionary accomplishment – an all-encompassing development from streamer to power-amp to loudspeaker-driver

unprecedented, absolute highend sound through Mozart Infinity’s native streaming capabilities high resolution Tidal Connect, high resolution Qobuz (via Roon), Spotify Connect, AirPlay 2 , Roon ready, etc.

extensive connectivity options: HDMI, TOSLINK, and more.

We love crafting loudspeakers. We may be accused of repeating this too often, still it’s true.

The moment when we listen to a new creation of our founder and designer Peter Gansterer for the first time – still peerless.

This time something was different. Mozart INFINTY was different.

We maintain a dedicated, open listening area in our manufactory, equipped with all kinds of our favourite electronics, where we were fortunate to witness the genesis of so many sources of joy over the decades, most recently Beethoven Reference (a milestone) and Liszt Reference (a scary milestone).

This time it was nothing but two slim, elegant towers, almost lost in space.

No source, no amp, nothing, either visible or tucked away. Nothing but the two speakers.

The versatility, ease and simplicity was already captivating, but when realizing what was coming out of these slim proportions and compact dimensions, we knew that we were facing some groundbreaking concept.

Still the overwhelming feedback and demand, which we received in Munich, when we committed the world premiere of this unprecedented all-encompassing MusicSystem at the HighEnd Show lately, exceeded all our expectations by far.

The adventure started 6 years ago, it was a painstaking search for the right streamer, amplification, DAC, etc. – all driven by our conviction in lossless / high resolution streaming and by our belief in highest end – yet affordable – complete streaming solutions.

It was a time of challenges, of permanent advancements and ended up in what you might want to call Peter Gansterer’s most progressive and revolutionary accomplishment.

Mozart INFINITY™ is a pure, maxed out HighEnd Music System – all invisibly integrated in 2 beautiful, elegant, slim floorstanding speakers.

„…But there’s no escaping the stark fact that, on the evidence of this show, there’s a lot of pricy hardware devoted to streaming, to very little musical effect. Not that I’m putting all the burden of blame on the streaming you understand; there were a fair few very expensive loudspeakers and amplifiers which must shoulder their share of responsibility for my disappointment, too.

Having said that, sometimes convenience and practicality really does have its place too, and that’s where streaming has an edge.

Now, if you can have that convenience without compromising performance, you’ll be onto something approaching audio’s current Holy Grail. Who thought the ultimate prize would be discovered in the Vienna Acoustics room, where this most conservative of companies was showing its new Mozart Infinity, a particularly pretty, compact floor-standing, all in one loudspeaker system…“

Roy Gregory’s show report Munich 2023

Your World of Music.

We are fortunate to live in times where the access to the wonderful world of music is as easy as never before.

Mozart INFINITY™ is Roon Ready (as dedicated partners of the world of Roon, your speakers arrive with a 3 months free trial) and will be constantly extended by carefully watching new opportunities / evolutions of further arising highend reproduction media.

Mozart INFINITY™ offers high resolution Tidal Connect, high resolution Qobuz (via Roon), Spotify Connect, AirPlay 2, Airable radio & podcast, etc. – all you need to do is to connect the speakers to your home network via Ethernet or WiFi, choose your favourite streaming service, lean back and leave the world behind.

Your TV.

While we are leaning towards the use of an optical cable (besides the sound advantage we appreciate the stability and generational compatibility), Mozart Infinity also offers the option to go via HDMI/eARC.

Your collected Gear.

Dreamed of a true high-end system with all the world’s music? Done.

Have a CD, or LP collection, or both? Connect your phono amp to Mozart INFINITY™’s analog input and the CD player to the digital input.

Have an existing High End system on the lookout for improving with a new floor standing speaker? Mozart INFINITY™ is a High End Active Loudspeaker as well, amplified symmetrically from front to end, with the incredible sound of our Beethoven References.

Our Technology.

Mozart  INFINITY™ is an all european product, from streamer to amplifier, DAC, cabinetry, patented flat-spidercone technology

State of the Art amplifier, streamer, DAC
– highest quality studio sound
– extremely efficient quadcore processor, performance as lossless as it gets
– audio processing with native sampling rate

Vienna Acoustics composite cone

flat-spidercone technology

Handcrafted european cabinetry 

Our Signature.

Since 1989, founder and designer

Peter Gansterer refused to have his name associated to anything but highend performance, value, ongoing development and longevity.


The streaming world – which we observed several years with suspicion – developed to an amazing, powerful, almost endless miscellany of music treasures – now finally ready to be explored in true highend reproduction. 


It’s time to begin.


Munich HighEnd Show 2023

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