Vienna Acoustics presents the Reference Klimt Series

  • The Music

    Die Musik 028
  • The Kiss

    Der Kuss 07
  • Poetry

    Poesie 25

Why Would We Name a Speaker Line after a Painter?

It seemed only natural to name the absolute Reference Vienna Acoustics has ever created in homage to one of the most thrilling artists the city has ever unleashed – a man whose immense achievements in visual art were profoundly inspired by music.

Born just south of the capital in 1862, as a teenager Gustav Klimt studied architectural painting in Vienna before launching his early career as a painter of murals and ceilings. Before Klimt reached his thirtieth year, he had earned recognition from Austria’s emperor and a recommendation to join the faculty of Vienna’s prestigious Academy of Fine Arts. But such a conventional career was not to be for this passionate innovator.

"To the age its art, to art its freedom."

Gustav Klimt started with the creation of the Beethoven Frieze for the Viennese Secession in 1897. The Secession was no dogmatic federation espousing artistic "rights" and "wrongs"; rather, this was a group of forward thinkers – with Klimt on top - exploring new departures in creation, urging artists of every persuasion – architecture, painting, music – to come together for the sake of progression. Just as important, the Secessionists were determined to bring that progression to the people, via publications and annual exhibitions.

Standing for the unconventional, for freedom from constraints of any kind, Klimt created a worldwide symbol for Jugendstil.

The Beethoven Frieze ranks among the major works of the Viennese Jugendstil and can only be comprehended in the context of this age and as a product of it – an age shaped by tendencies toward new departures in art, by an interest in international connections and by the attempt to bring the various arts together.

The Frieze belongs to the most significantcreations of Gustav Klimt, such as "The Kiss", and the devoted music lover´s – and avowed Beethoven admirer´s – masterpiece "The Music".

Art would never be experienced in quite the same way again.

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