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Maestro Grand


Maestro Grand

Setting the Tone


Being the hardest working speaker in a surround system, the quality level of a center channel is of major importance to a system. Capable of being used in a Left – Center – Right configuration or additionally as surround channels, Maestro Grand Reference™ possesses an ability to produce the proscribed full range frequency range without dynamic limitation.As a center channel only, it was designed to offer a no-compromise match with our Liszt Reference™, Beethoven Concert Grand Reference™ and Beethoven Baby Grand Reference™.

At the heart of the design stand our patented 6 inch flat spidercone drivers, consisting of 2 distinct cones – our Composite Cone. The plane surface of the spidercone offers the advantage of precise, piston-like movement. Any diaphragm should move in and out as one unit, not as a quivering mass of uncorrelated vibrations. It should move as a perfectly-solid piston. The flat cone is extremely stiff, with bracings of a height of 18 mm (bass) and 14 mm (mid), yet light, respectively, further reinforced by glass fibers in our new X4P mixture.

This 1.1 inch handcoated silkdome tweeter is capable of revealing even the finest nuances in a most natural way, while imparting no stridency at all of its own, and consummately extend well down into the midrange spectrum.

Maestro Grand Reference™ is available in true Piano Black and Piano White finish.

On Voice and Music

On Voice and Music


Finish Dekor

Viennese Arts and Crafts

Piano White

Piano Black


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