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We love crafting loudspeakers. We always know that every piece will arrive at your home according to our latest highest standard of technology and performance abilities. For ALL kinds of music, no matter what your musical preferences are.

We don’t believe in changes just for the sake of changing. When our founder and designer Peter Gansterer creates a new speaker line, there is always a pioneering and profound technical reason for it. First there is the vision. Then there is the exploring of options how to realize the idea. Then the realizing of technical feasabilities and their sorting out. And then there comes the time of listening to the myriad of combinations, as each part has its individual tone colour. Years of it. And when the new speaker is presented, the inner circle of Vienna Acoustics and friends is listening for the first time and something changes. It’s the moment when a 30 year old jazz record of Tuck & Patti, which you know inside out since decades, brings tears to your eyes, on the strength of the crystal clear, reradiated, natural intensity.

It’s the moment when you lose your temper in a drum solo, electrifying the space around you. To the point. It’s the ease and precision the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, straight from the Viennese Musikvereinssaal, assemble in your living room for a private audience.

Then you know a new level is reached and we sincerely want to share it with the whole world.

Our Beethoven Concert Grand Referenceis a no-compromise loudspeaker, breaking grounds in setting new standards in state-of-the-art music reproduction.

To say only that the design goals for such a speaker were high efficiency, outstanding dynamic range, excellent low bass extension, and ultra-wide bandwidth from a reasonably compact enclosure, misses the larger point.

The Beethoven‘s overriding goal is to produce music on such a completely convincing scale that it will transform the listening room and transport the listener.

At the heart of the design stand our brandnew spidercone drivers, one 6 inch midrange and three 7 inch woofers, all with our patented flat Spidercone within a new construction, consisting of 2 distinct cones – the all new Composite Cone. The plane surface of the spidercone offers the advantage of precise, piston-like movement.

Any diaphragm should move in and out as one unit, not as a quivering mass of uncorrelated vibrations. It should move as a perfectly-solid piston, avoiding any uncorrelated vibrations. The flat cone is extremely stiff, with bracings of a height of 18 mm (bass) and 14 mm (mid), yet light, respectively, further reinforced by glasfibers in our new X4Pmixture. The rearside bracings are constructed in a way that the whole impulse energy is allocated evenly via the whole surface of the flat cone. Every square centimeter delivers the same impulse as its neighbours, which results in revolutionary impulse response control.

As our cone/diaphragm-construction builds upon a very large voice coil, the radiating surface in its middle is large, thereby making it an significant sound determinant. The countless listening testings brought forth such an unexpected unique combination the we gave it a new name, the Composite Cone. The 5cm area is now an inverted dome made of woven fabric, double-coated on its rearside. Perfection was achieved by listening to various axial positions, with extraordinary homogenous results by employing a recessing of 8mm. The sum total of the features of the Composite Cone is a peerless symbiosis. Furthermore, one of the reasons why the woven fabric center cone interacts so nicely, is its affinity to the fabric material of our highly musical, hand-coated silk dome tweeter, designed by Vienna Acoustics, hand-crafted by a Scandinavian team of specialists.

This 1.1 inch tweeter is capable of revealing even the finest nuances in a most natural way, while imparting no stridency at all of its own, and consummately extend well down into the midrange spectrum. The crossover circuitry possesses both, the elegant simplicity of soft filters – pure first-order, 6 dB per octave slopes to Bessel second order – and the essential complexity resulting from listening, needed to weave dexterously the drivers‘ output into a cohesive system. All decisions concerning individual components and the layout of the circuitry were as always made through extensive listening tests. Specially selecting each component results in a harmonious musicality, while a sophisticated layout helps in clarifying instrumental timbres.

The cabinet is an example of the most advanced European joinery technology available. Not apparent to the eye is the artfully articulated bracing structure, as well as the carefully chosen separate enclosures for the individual drivers. What is apparent to the eye is the warmth of the handselected veneers, gently eased at the edges with our veneer wrapping technique, and the depth and pureness of the true piano lacquer.

Great engineering demands the angularity; great design achieves an artful form that confers quality and substance.

The sinuous fusion of art and technology allows Beethoven Concert Grand Referenceto amaze aesthetically and perform incomprehensibly in any living space. All of the passionately designed features combine to create the most

exceptional characteristic of our new Grand Series Beethoven: the ability to bring the unleashed emotion of music to your home.

The Power and the Glory

The Power and the Glory


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